Warranty Policy

EnoLight strives to give customers the greatest satisfaction with our products!

What is covered in your warranty

Our mission is to craft lighting fixtures with state of the art technology while placing an unwavering emphasis on providing value to the world through design and utmost quality.

With the preceding assertion, EnoLight strives to ensure that this mission is abided by truly. Thus, in the unlikely event that the product does not conform to specifications, EnoLight will run a diagnostic to rectify the problem free of charge. If the customer wishes to return the product, EnoLight will accept the return upon complete disassembly of the products.

The preceding warranty becomes void in the event that the customer or affiliated parties, misuses, accidentally or intentionally damages, or implements the products in potentially detrimental environment.
Our goal is to foster a meaningful business relationship, based on trust, care, and integrity.

Lighting Fixtures

The linear aluminum channels have a warranty for 5 years, which emphasizes our conviction that our clients will be satisfied with EnoLight’s products.